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What you'll need:
250g filo pastry
1 head of garlic
250g ricotta
150g feta
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil plus extra for brushing

Heat your oven to 200C/180C fan, then cut the top off a whole head of garlic, drizzle with oil and some salt, and bake until soft (45 minutes or so).
Meanwhile, beat the ricotta until smooth, crumble in feta, chop in some dill, and add a glug of oil. Mix together and season. Refrigerate.
Lay out sheets of filo pastry in a long rectangle, glueing them together with oil. You want about 3-4 layers on top of each other. Spoon the mixture along one side as evenly as possible. Then brush on some oil to the right of your mix. Roll the filo over the filling, and then keep rolling until you have a long cigar, intermittently brushing with more olive oil so that everything sticks together. Curl your pastry around itself, creating a spiral. 
Pop this into an oiled 20c cake tin, which will help with heat distribution and keep everything together. Top once more with oil. Bake for 30-45 minutes, or until the pastry is deep gold colour and extra crisp.
Allow to cool for 20 minutes before eating.

Recipe by Tomek Mossakowski, our favourite baker-turned-influencer in Amsterdam 😄
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