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100% koroneiki olives

Cold-pressed & unfiltered with a very low acidity. Never heated or mixed with anything else. Direct from the village press.

Honest Toil is an unfiltered, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Let’s see what that means in detail...

  • Extra virgin: the acidity of our oil is around 0.2-0.3% (depending on the particular harvest), which is impressively low. 
  • It’s made exclusively from koroneiki olives from the surrounding olive groves. The koroneiki is a tiny variety native to Greece and has an exceptionally high level of polyphenols (that healthy stuff olive oil is most famous for — it has been linked to lowering the risk of cancer and heart disease).
  • It’s cold-pressed; the temperature of the whole pressing process is never above 27 °C. We could get significantly more oil if we pressed at higher temperatures, but that would also mean meddling with the precious nutrients in the olive - and we’d rather keep it pure! 
  • It’s unfiltered: once pressed, it isn’t put through any additional processes. The oil contains the sediment from olive skins and pips, giving it a great opaqueness and thick texture. We recommend giving it a good shake before use.
  • It’s completely unblended: unlike most commercial oil brands found on supermarket shelves, it isn’t mixed with inferior oils, oils from other areas or oils from previous harvests.
  • Unlike filtered and processed olive oils, Honest Toil is a living substance with a lifespan. This means that around harvest time, the oil is thick and green with a peppery kick, then as the oil matures, its colour turns golden and its flavour softens. This is a perfectly natural process that we respect and celebrate. 
  • We always bring the fresh harvest to Budapest, Berlin, and the UK: this means a lot of hard work for us in November-December, but it’s totally worth it!
  • Its shelf life is a minimum of 1.5 years from the harvest date.