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At the moment, these products are only available in Budapest.

  • Kalamata olives: preserved only in extra virgin olive oil and salt water. A large, juicy, fleshy, dark purple olive with pip. Expertly prepared by our neighbour Yannis Stathopoulos. No preservatives, no additives. A PDO Kalamata product.
  • Greek mountain tea: harvested in the mountains of the Central Peloponnese, this gentle herbal tea (Τσάι του Βουνού or Sideritis) is a well-known folk cure for the common cold, indigestion, and anxiety. Delicious hot or cold, with honey, lemon, or on its own. 
  • Natural olive oil soaps and balms: proudly handmade by Juli using our own extra virgin olive oil, other plant oils and butters, as well as herbs and plants from our garden. 100% natural and palm oil free. Soap-making is a real passion for us and we like to take it slow, respecting the time that these natural materials ask for.