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As with every other part of the Honest Toil process, we believe that design should be collaborative and organic. We both have an art background (Juli worked in a gallery and Tom used to make films) and are all too familiar with the difficulties faced by artists today. Needless to say, we also really enjoy fiddling with design ideas, new labels, and photography. Unlike the dominant trend in the olive oil industry, we like to view the look of our bottles and cans as something playful and creative, potentially changing with seasons and harvests as wine labels do. 

So we’d like to say thanks to all these lovely people who have joined us on our design journey (the list is nowhere near comprehensive and we’ll keep adding artists as we work with them):

Product design:

Kiskovács Eszter

Berczi Dóra

Molnár Tamás

Tine Damgaard

Enikő Eged

Sandra Poliakov

Zena Kay


Mihályi Barbara

Hannah Perse-Clarke

Kálmán Zsófia

Thomas Gravanis



Jennifer Szypillo